Parents, you will love the educational nature of this African Safari adventure because it's full of interesting facts and tidbits about each of the over 100 creatures your kids will discover. In this adventure, your younger kids will be photographers hired by Moti-Venture's "African Safari" magazine, while your older kids will be rangers-in-training completing a variety of missions as they work their way up through five ranks to become park manager of the game reserve. Each assignment may use various pieces of equipment or tools which they will need to purchase with their points at buildings in the game reserve. Points earned through completing chores, schoolwork, having good attitudes, etc., will allow your kids to travel around the reserve, buy needed supplies, take pictures of wild animals and so on. This adventure involves dynamic weather, multiple vehicles, migrating animals, poachers, dangerous creatures and much more!

Items You May Need Or Want: 
* Self-sticking laminating plastic; * A paper cutter, X-Acto knife, or scissors.
* (For the CD version only: - Approx 40 sheets of card stock, - A small quantity of plain paper, - Printer ink or toner).

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Standard CD version
Pre-printed version:
* Includes standard CD
* Items for parent and
   FOUR children.
Pre-printed add-on:
* Items for ONE child

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