We are the Snavely family and we have something in common with your family. Like a number of you, we homeschooled our kids, and like many of you, we needed help some days to motivate them. So in the year 2000 we developed "Moti-Ventures" - adventures designed to motivate. The initial concept was designed to encourage our four children to do their best in school, their household chores and to maintain good attitudes. These adventures ranged from simple clubs to very complicated mysteries (all with the same goal in mind) to motivate our kids. Many parents expressed an interest in these for their own families so in 2009 we decided to make these adventures available to others.
Rob was raised as a missionary kid in rural South Africa where his many exciting escapades served to inspire his creativity. He met his wife Kathy at a Bible college in Minnesota. Now grown, the children are working with Rob & Kathy to develop new Moti-Ventures and look forward to someday using these products with their own kids.