Convention-Only Specials!

If you will be attending any of the conventions shown above, we have some exciting convention-only specials that we want to let you know about (in addition to saving on shipping costs)!

ND Home
School Assn
March 20-21, 2015

Great Homeschool
April 9-11, 2015

MN Assn of Christian
Home Educators
April 17-18, 2015

Network of Iowa Christian Home Ed
June 11-13, 2015

MN Catholic Home Ed
Conf & Curriculum Fair
May 29-30, 2015

SPECIAL - 1:   Chance to win a FREE Mini-Venture

Click on and print out this PDF COUPON (on the right) and bring it to our booth to be entered into a drawing for a free Mini-Venture

SPECIAL - 2:   Set of SEVEN Old-Time-Radio disks

For $29.95, this combination set of seven O-T-R disks will save you $4.70 over the cost of purchasing the disks individually. This set includes one extra disk not shown on our OTR page. NOTE: All shows are in MP3 format.

SPECIAL - 3:   Set of all THREE Sherlock Holmes disks

This combination set of our three Sherlock Holmes disks will save you $1.90 over the cost of purchasing the disks individually. The cost for this set at the convention is $12.95. NOTE: All shows are in MP3 format.

Parent's Assn
May 1-2, 2015


This GREEN BOOK combination pack is ONLY offered at conventions.
It consists of a green notebook, a pen, and a copy of our family's GREEN BOOK of almost 400 funny kids' sayings


With any purchase of $19.95 or more, you may have a FREE copy of GeoDeo's 323 page "Journey Into Africa" book! This is an excellent unit study, containing many pictures, recipes, items of interest, etc! This is a $39.95 value!

SPECIAL - 6:   FULL SET of CD Adventures!

This is our COMPLETE set of 4 CD adventures and 5 mini-ventures in one package. (Note: This does NOT include the Octopus Hunt as that is not yet available in CD format.) This set costs $99.95, saving you $22.65.

SPECIAL - 7:   FULL SET of PRE-PRINTED Adventures!

This is our COMPLETE set of 5 PRE-PRINTED adventures in one package. Each adventure is ready to go right out of the box for up to four kids! This set costs $274.95, saving you $34.80.

SPECIAL - 8:   FULL SET of MINI-Ventures!

This is our COMPLETE set of 5 mini-ventures in one package. A mini-venture is either shorter or easier than a standard adventure! This set costs $34.95, saving you $7.85.

SPECIAL - 9:   Zippered Folder SPECIAL!

Get up to TWO regularly priced CD Moti-Ventures at HALF PRICE with each purchase of a zippered folder from Mead. A zippered folder costs $19.95 but since the savings on two CD adventures is also $19.95, it's like getting the folder for FREE!