Moti-Ventures are NOT computer games or motivational videos. A computer and color printer are initially used at the beginning of the adventure (only by the parents) to print out items like maps, charts, passports, tickets, visas, codebooks, etc. that are used in the adventure.
All Moti-Ventures work in basically the same way. Your children are awarded up to 100 points (or credits) daily when they complete any areas in which you wish to motivate them to improve. All your kids really need to do is to follow the rules you’ve already set for them. You might wish to motivate them in one or more areas such as these (of course there are many more):

• Schoolwork (Did it get done on time and to the best of their ability?)
• Music (Have they practiced their music lesson well?)
• Goals (Are they accomplishing goals that have been set for or by them?)
• Good character qualities (harder to ‘score’, but important qualities on which to work!)
• Obedience (Are they obeying promptly and cheerfully?)
• Attitude (Are they being cooperative, polite, and respectful?)
• Chores (Did they all get done thoroughly and completely?)
• Cleaning their room (Was it reasonably tidy at the required time?)
• Cooperation (Are they getting along well with other family members?)
• Initiative (Do they do things without being asked?)

For example, one of your kids loves to practice the piano, but cannot seem to keep his room clean or get homework done before an assigned time. Obviously, you don’t need to motivate him in his music, but you might assign a 40 point value for getting his room tidy before starting school and 60 points if he gets his homework done by 9:00. If his room is not tidy by the time he begins school, he just lost 40 points! Assuming he gets his homework done on time, his total point value for the day is 60 points. The points are then used to make progress through an adventure.
Depending on the adventure, those points earned might be used to:

• Make jungle paths, climb mountains, build bridges or go scuba diving
• Slide down a hill in a bobsled (or other events) as an Olympic athlete
• Decipher encoded radio messages
• Pay for airline, train or boat tickets, passports and travel visas
• Purchase items needed for the adventure (radio, tools, flashlight, compass, etc)
• Pay for fares such as taxi, bus, subway or rickshaw
• Get clues
• Or many other uses!

Each adventure comes complete with a full "Field Guide" user’s manual which describes the adventure in detail. Many parents appreciate having an illustrated guide that gives step-by-step instructions. In addition, the Field Guide also includes sections like:

List Of Items You May Need Or Want: This section lists things such as paper, cardstock, ink, x-acto knife, stapler, etc. that will be necessary or useful in this particular adventure.
Preparation: This section gives detailed information on how to prepare and set up the adventure. This might include printing maps, code books, cards, etc.
A Typical Day: This segment gives those who are new to Moti-Venture an example of what a few days participating in the adventure might be like. It also shows how easy these adventures are to do.
Suggestions & Ideas: Though each adventure is fully complete with detailed instructions, we also list numerous options and alternate methods to do the adventure. We even give ideas and suggestions for those who wish to modify the adventure.

Moti-Ventures range in difficulty level from easy to hard and all have detailed instructions to help you and your kids have a fun adventure while getting (and keeping) your kids motivated!

How does Moti-Venture work?