Downloadable files.

This handy Points List document (modified to be generic) is a great way to show each person's daily point requirements. A Microsoft Word version is here.     Thanks to Jenni for this submission!

This introductory document is filled with many helpful hints and ideas for those just beginning a Moti-Venture.  It is recommended that first-time adventurers read this document.

2012 product brochure. This lists the available adventures and gives a basic description of how the Moti-Venture program works.

Fifty and One Hundred point credit notes.  This file includes:  Page 1) Two each of 1, 5, 10, 20, 50 and 100 colored credit notes;  Page 2) Eight 50 and Four 100 colored credit notes;  Page 3) Full page of non-colored 50 credit notes;  Page 4) Full page of non-colored 100 credit notes.    Excellent suggestion, Jenni!

An updated Distance Chart for the African Safari game reserve.   Many thanks to Jenni for finding and correcting the two mistakes!