This advanced Moti-Venture offers an entertaining challenge for kids and parents alike. Using points earned through completing chores, schoolwork and having good attitudes, your kids will get to use their prowess as detectives to solve a complex crime, while you get to role play all of the suspects! Inside this adventure you will find everything needed- maps, clues, codebooks, fingerprint lab, evidence, and much more. Also included for the parents are additional detailed notes on each character and location to make your role-playing experience easy and fun! This was definitely one of our family's favorites and should prove to be a memorable mystery in which your whole family may also be involved!

The detectives begin with a map of the town and must travel by taxi to interview people and collect clues. Their search to solve the crime leads to many unexpected baffling puzzles.

The CD version of this adventure requires a significant amount of printing on both paper and card stock. All versions of this adventure come with necessary red filter plastic. Additional filter plastic is offered below, but is not required to be able to do this adventure.

Items You May Need Or Want: 
* A paper cutter, X-Acto knife, or scissors. * Glue and a stapler, * A few envelopes.
* (For the CD version only: - Approx 25 sheets of card stock and 50 sheets of plain paper for general items, - Approx 2 sheets of card stock and 40 sheets of plain paper per child, - Printer ink or toner).

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Standard CD version
Pre-printed version:
* Includes standard CD
* Items for parent and
   FOUR children.
Pre-printed add-on:
* Items for ONE child

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