Frequently Asked Questions

Answer - What does "Moti-Venture" mean (and how do you pronounce it?)
Moti-Venture is a combination of the words "Motivation" and "Adventure" (as in motivating kids through adventure). It's pronounced with a long O sound (like "mow"), not a short sound (like in "mom"). Moti-Venture is not only the company name, but the adventures are also called Moti-Ventures. 

Answer - How do Moti-Ventures work?
For a quick overview of the concept of any Moti-Venture, please click
here for details.

Answer - How much of my time will this take?
Since each adventure is different, a few will require more of your time than others. Perhaps you currently spend time arguing or nagging your kids to get things done; wouldn't it be great if you could spend that time enjoying an adventure together instead? In the end, you will have spent time, but it will be an investment into your kids they won't forget. Some days will involve more of your time than others. Initially it may take a number of hours to get familiar with everything and to set up your adventure. However, we think you will find it is well worth your time once your adventure is in progress. Although we can't guarantee success with any child, we think you will find this tool helpful and enjoyable for your entire family. For a more detailed answer, please click here.

Answer - Can I do this?
Absolutely!! Many families have done these with great success! (See some of the comments on the Home page.) With the step-by-step Field Guides to walk you through the process of doing any one of the adventures, you'll be able to do whichever one interests your family the most. Stop by the Parents page for handy tips and hints from other families who have done the same adventure, or contact us at any time if you have questions or need ideas or advice. We'll be glad to help you!

Answer - Are these adventures run on computers?
The pre-printed versions of the adventures do not require a computer (other than to view/print the instructions), while the CD versions require a parent to use a computer and color printer to initially print documents, charts, maps, cards, clues, instructions, etc. that are necessary for doing a particular adventure. Only the Olympics adventures require the daily use of a computer (but only by the parents) for a few minutes to update and print out that day's results.

Answer - Do I need to install any software?
Other than for the Winter Olympics and Summer Olympics adventures, there is no software that needs to be installed. On the CD versions of the adventures, simply place the Moti-Venture CD into your drive and print the PDF documents. Winter Olympics and Summer Olympics require the installation of the free OpenOffice Draw program to easily and quickly update each Olympic event. For those who may wish to modify one of the adventures, we would also recommend the installation of OpenOffice, since we've included all the original files used to create the adventure on the CD.

Answer - Why don't you use computers to do the adventure? After all, wouldn't that be easier?
One of the goals of Moti-Venture is to help parents get more involved with their kids in an enjoyable family activity. Often kids spend too many hours in front of a cell phone, computer, TV or game console already, so we didn't want to add yet another reason to sit in front of a screen!

Answer - Can these adventures be used in camps, Sunday school classes, co-ops, etc?
Yes! A number of people are already doing this. Several of the adventures are flexible enough to be adapted for camps, Sunday school classes, homeschooling groups, etc. If you'd like some help configuring an adventure for a specialized use, please contact us.

Answer - Are there any more adventures?
There are many more adventures planned for future release. It is Moti-Venture's goal to release a few new adventures each year.

Answer - What does "Fast-Paced Option" mean?
The Fast-Paced mode in certain adventures simply means that the pace may be accelerated to accommodate a time-frame that's convenient for you. This is great for grandparents, babysitters or for anyone who might have a limited amount of time but still wishes to use these adventures as a means of motivation. For example, each event in a Winter Olympics module is designed to take one week to complete. However, using the fast-paced option, an Olympic event could be completed in just one evening.

Answer - Can adventures be used more than once?
Yes! Some of the adventures may be used multiple times. For example, the African Safari adventure has two age ranges, therefore your kids might use it as photographers when they are young and repeat it a few years later as rangers. Other adventures like the Olympics and Security Guard may be repeated as often as you like. However, because kids like variety, we generally recommend that you use new adventures instead.

Answer - What is a "Mini-Venture"?
Mini-Ventures are cheaper, easier, and often shorter than our standard Moti-Venture products. These are good for those just getting introduced to Moti-Venture, or for those who have limited time or money but still want to experience one of the adventures.