This is possibly one of the most frequently asked questions that we hear, so it warrants additional attention.

First - consider this. If your kids did their chores on time without being reminded; got their schoolwork done without being nagged; kept their rooms clean; had positive attitudes - would that be worth anything to you? Would it be worth any of your time? Do you currently spend time and energy arguing or nagging your kids to get things done? Wouldn't it be great if you could spend that same time enjoying an adventure together instead? Either way, you'll spend time - so the question is, how will you choose to spend your time?

There are three main areas that will use some of your time doing any Moti-Venture:

First - each adventure requires some preparation and setup. Each adventure is different and the amount of time spent setting up will vary. Most adventures will require you to print out and prepare various materials: these could be maps, instructions, passports, codebooks, cards, etc. Obviously, if you have a fast printer that can print on both sides of the page, the time used will be less than if you have a slower printer that can print on only one side of the page. Many adventures also require that some of the printed pages be cut into pieces or into cards. This preparation and setup phase need not be done all at once - it can easily be spread out over several days.

Second - each adventure will require some of your time each day. For some adventures, that will be as little as a few minutes each day. For others, the amount of time will be based on the difficulty level of the adventure, as well as how many kids are doing the adventure - and can use from 5 to 15 minutes per day per child. This is a broad estimate. Some days might require significantly less or more time. For example, the Magic Island adventure requires travel to countries around the world to obtain chemicals. So if the kids need to go to Australia to get a chemical, you might decide to go to an Outback Steakhouse restaurant (where many speak with an Australian accent) where they will receive the chemical. This will obviously take more than 15 minutes! However, the kids will have a lot of fun and you can combine an already planned trip to a restaurant to coincide with the adventure. It will take some of your time - but it's worth the effort!

Third - how much time will it take to complete an adventure? Again, each adventure is different. The typical completion time is from 10 to 16 weeks. Each adventure indicates the approximate completion time. Sometimes activities (clubs, church, sports, etc) may prevent your family from doing the adventure each day, so the completion time may be longer. Even though the 10 to 16 weeks may seem a little long at first, the adventures were designed to last long enough to try to instill the goals you have for your children into habits. If they've been cleaning their room each morning for 16 weeks, they'll likely continue doing it when the adventure is over.

Although this description cannot precisely define the amount of time it will take, many families are telling us that any time spent doing the adventure is well worth the improvement they see in their children's behavior and attitudes. As one man said, "This will change the often-used expression of 'Just wait till your father gets home - you're in so much trouble!' to 'Just wait till your father gets home - we're going to have a lot of fun!'"

One last thought. One of our daughters told me that she will forget many things about growing up, but she would never forget doing these adventures! Was it worth the time for our family? Yes!

How much of my time will this take?