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This basic Detective Kit contains: (2) Brushes, (1) White chalk, (1) Disposable camera, (10) Evidence markers, (1) Fingerprint dusting powder, (1) Flashlight*, (1 pair) Gloves, (4) Index cards, (1) Magnifying glass, (4) Q-tips, (6) Rulers, (1) Scissors, (1) Sketchbook-Notebook, (1) Tape, (1) Tape measure, (1) Tweezers, (10) Ziploc bags.

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The Traveler's Kit may be useful:
* When used in conjunction with any Moti-Venture product.
* When combined with your geography curriculum (make 'travel' exciting!)
* Simply for fun - on its own!

There are two versions of this kit: the pre-printed version and the CD version. The pre-printed version is great for those who only need one or two of each item whereas the CD version is perfect for those who may need numerous items and can print them on their printer.

The pre-printed version includes: (1) Passport, (1) Passport application form, (15 or more) Visas to various countries, (4) Visa application forms, (1) US State stamp booklet, (50) Colorful stamps with each State flag and State map shape, (9) "Admit One" tickets, (3) Cruise/Ferry tickets, (3) Airplane tickets, (3) Subway tickets, (3) Train tickets, (3) Bus tickets

The CD version includes all of the items in the pre-printed version, but since you can print out what you want, there is no set number of items - simply print and assemble as muany as you wish!

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Please note: This kit contains small parts and must be used under adult supervision. Not intended for children under five.
*Flashlight batteries not included.

Goes great with...

This basic Fingerprint Kit includes the following items: (1) Brush, (1 pair) Gloves, (4) Index cards, (1 bag) Fingerprint dusting powder - black.

Please note: This kit contains a black dusting powder which might stain and should be used under adult supervision. Not intended for children under five.

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These optional kits will provide lots of hands-on fun!

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    Thirty years ago, when we first became parents, someone gave us a valuable suggestion. "Keep a notebook and pen in a handy location. That way when your kids do or say something funny, you'll know just where to go to immediately write it down!"
    We took their advice and kept a standard spiral notebook on top of our kitchen refrigerator for all those off-the-wall moments in life. Our first notebook just happened to have a green cover. Over time, our notebook filled, and another took its place - the new one also having a green cover. By now our collection of hilarious memories was affectionately being called The Green Book. Our kids are now all grown, so we pass the tradition on to you and your family.
    In this special 56-page Green Book combo you'll receive almost 400 of the funniest sayings from our own family's Green Book, along with a green notebook and pen to keep wherever you see fit. Enjoy this timeless way of capturing your family's natural humor at whatever ages your kids (or you!) are in life - it's always good to laugh!

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