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Standard CD version
Pre-printed version:
* Includes standard CD
* Items for parent and
   FOUR children.
Pre-printed add-on:
* Items for ONE child

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Magic Island is loosely based on an old-time radio show of the same name (see the Old-Time radio show CD below). Yet the 'magic' of the island is only a clever illusion with a sinister purpose. This mysterious, artificial island known to its inhabitants as Euclidia is completely controlled by scientists who have advanced their skills far beyond the imagination and technology of the rest of the world! Euclidia can be submerged at will and hidden within magnetic fog to escape detection from those who wish to know its secrets.

Your kids are agents who have been hired to rescue some hostages thought to be captives of Euclidia. They need to get passports and visas to travel to New Zealand where they must rent a yacht. Once they arrive at the island, their yacht is disabled by the island scientists preventing their ability to leave that way. Using points earned through completing chores, schoolwork, having good attitudes, etc., your kids will explore this fascinating ten-level island and find a shocking discovery that will determine their course of action!!

Items You May Need Or Want: 
* Glue and a stapler * A paper cutter, X-Acto knife, or scissors.
* (For the CD version only: - Approx 10 sheets of card stock and 20 sheets of plain paper per child, - Printer ink or toner).

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