Providing you with motivated kids, and your kids with life-long fun memories, these two simple Mini-Venture clubs are based on the point system, and are surprising in their possibilities!! This disk contains two mini-adventures:

The Invitation Club: Accumulating points, your children do not know when they will be secretly 'invited' to participate in fun activities!

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Mini-Ventures are not computer games nor DVDS, but are cheaper, easier, and often shorter than standard Moti-Venture products. These are good for those just getting introduced to Moti-Venture, or for those who have limited time or money but still want to experience one of the adventures.

The Quasar Club requires that each child maintain a minimum point value to remain in the club, where club membership has major benefits.


In this Mini-Venture, your kids take the role of J. Hall, a young technician working for a vending machine company.  Sent to Shipwreck Island on a business trip, he explored the island while not working and discovered a mysterious old box semi-buried deep inside a cave. After returning home, his solitary existence was disrupted by an alleged pirate who claimed the box was his - and wanted it back! Attempting to hide the box from the pirate, he kept moving it to different places always leaving some type of clue to help him remember its new location.

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Will your kids be able to solve the clues J. Hall left for himself in his journal - and so be able to find the mysterious box?
This represents the APPROXIMATE age range for a specific adventure.
This represents the APPROXIMATE number of weeks it will take to complete the adventure. Some adventures do not show the tilde character (~) before the number which means that adventure will take exactly that number of weeks.

The difficulty bar represents how difficult this adventure is to do. Green (easy) means there is little strategy or problem solving. Yellow (medium) means there will be some strategy and logical thinking. Red (hard) involves intriguing puzzles and mysteries. Some adventures might show two arrows. This indicates that the adventure has two levels of difficulty.

The calendar icon represents adventures that are capable of being run at a much faster pace than would be normal. This allows the adventure to be used by grandparents or babysitters who have a limited time to spend with the children.

The CD indicates that this adventure is available in our standard CD format. This means that the documents needed to complete this adventure are in PDF format on the CD. You will need to first print out and prepare all the files before the adventure can begin. The documents might include passports, tickets, code books, maps, puzzles, etc. The standard CD format is a great option for those who have a good color printer. Although this option is cheaper to purchase, you will spend additional money on paper and ink.

This represents that this adventure is available in a pre-printed version. Although more expensive than the standard CD version, all needed items for the parents and FOUR children are fully printed using full color laser printer on paper or card stock as required. Also, a CD is included in case you want to print items for additional children.

Pre-printed version (also comes with the full CD)
Standard CD version. You print out all materials.
Fast-paced option. Great for babysitters or grandparents.
Difficulty level
Difficulty level
Approximate completion time in weeks
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