Latest Additions

Although the Octopus Hunt has been available at various homeschool conventions this year, it is now also available from our web site!

Loosely based on the old-time radio show, "The Adventures of Speed Gibson", this adventure takes place in the late 1930's and 1940's. Your kids are agents of the International Secret Police (ISP) who are on the trail of the notorious criminal, the Octopus, whose tentacles of crime encircle the world!

In this adventure, ISP agents know of the existence of the Octopus and his operators, but have little evidence against them. They will travel through Asia and Oceania on various missions trying to gather enough evidence to be able to arrest and convict the Octopus gang. In addition to gathering evidence, agents will also listen to simulated old shortwave radio messages from other agents, Octopus operators or even the Octopus himself!

The OCTOPUS HUNT!                                                                                 The GREEN BOOK

The GREEN book idea is a great way to keep track of your kid's funny sayings and actities.
We took their advice and kept a standard spiral notebook on top of our kitchen refrigerator for all those off-the-wall moments in life. Our first notebook just happened to have a green cover. Over time, our notebook filled, and another took its place-the new one also having a green cover. By now our collection of hilarious memories was affectionately being called The Green Book. Our kids are now all grown, so we pass the tradition on to you and your family.

In this special "Green Book" combo you'll receive an abbreviated version of our own family's Green Book (with almost 400 funny sayings), along with a green notebook and pen to keep wherever you see fit. Enjoy this timeless way of capturing your family's natural humor at whatever ages your kids (or you!) are in life-it's always good to laugh!