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Goes great with...

Goes great with...

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178 / 15-minute episodes from the 1930's

Join our hero, 15-year-old Speed Gibson, as he is inducted into the International Secret Police and hunts down the dreaded Octopus and his worldwide gang. Thrill to exciting airplane and shortwave radio sequences! Listen as Speed travels to exotic far-off locales like the South Pacific islands, China, Hong Kong, Tibet, and the Sahara desert!

130 / 15-minute episodes from the 1930's

Patricia Gregory has been searching for her daughter, Joan, for the past 14 years ever since she was lost in a shipwreck in the South Seas. With the help of her friends Tex Bradford and Jerry Hall, their searches have led them to a mysterious man-made island that is so secretive, it can submerge under the water to avoid detection! Who are the men who have made this island, and why are they trying to keep it a secret?  This is a great adventure serial that the whole family will enjoy!

Old-Time Radio Shows (in MP3 format)

The Magic Island and Speed Gibson Old-Time Radio (OTR) shows were the inspiration for two of the adventures (Magic Island and The Octopus Hunt). These family-friendly MP3 radio serials from the 1930s are a lot of fun to listen to, even if you don't get them as a complement to one of the adventures. We will be adding more OTR shows here - so check back!
* NOTE: If you cannot play the sample, please check the top of your screen to see if your browser is blocking the player for security reasons, or click on the player to download the needed plugin.



12 / 30-minute episodes

A raging storm...  A mysterious old lighthouse keeper...  Hidden treasure...  Two disobedient boys in certain danger!  ...and that's just the beginning!
Follow the adventures of two brothers, Pete and Tim, as they find themselves in an escalating adventure for which they are totally unprepared - but which will ultimately change their lives forever.  A fun character-building adventure for the whole family!

PRICE:   $4.95


193 / 15-minute episodes from the 1930's

Orphaned and alone, Jerry Dougan and his dog, Rags, join the Randall Brothers Circus from the time of his father's death in the spring to the end of that year's performance season. His roommate, Bumps the clown, soon adds Rags to his act. Shortly after, Jerry too enters the ring for lots of adventure!

After leaving the circus to join a military academy, Jerry is soon caught up in a different sort of adventure with his new roommate, Lee, as they learn what it means to be first-year cadets at Fair Oaks.

PRICE:   $4.95


 83 episodes from the 1940's

These shows are great mini-mysteries intended for you to solve. As each story unfolds, will you catch and decipher the clues enabling you to correctly solve the crime? At the end of each story, the detective tells how the mystery was solved. (As a note of interest, each show has periods of organ music. This wasn't filler; it was to give radio stations the opportunity for brief local ads or announcements.)
NOTE: Many episodes on this disk involve murder. However the focus of these stories is not on the murder, but on the method in which it is solved. Before ordering, please consider whether this is appropriate for your family.

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52 / 12-minute episodes from the 1930's

This adventure begins on Christmas Eve with 6 year old Jonathan Thomas and his teddy bear Guz. While lying in bed, two elves slide down a moonbeam into his room. Guz chases the elves and Jonathan follows to get him back. On the moon, Jonathan meets the Man in the Moon and his adventure to bring Santa Claus home for Christmas begins!

Judy and Jimmy Barton go to the enchanted world of Maybeland to recover their missing Silver Star belonging on their Christmas tree. Helping in the search is the Cinnamon Bear, a stuffed bear with shoe-button eyes and a green scarf. They meet other characters during their quest, including the Crazy Quilt Dragon, Fe Fo the Giant and Santa Claus.

PRICE:   $4.95

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Sherlock Holmes has been around for many years, with no signs of waning popularity. Here is your chance to follow this 19th century sleuth on numerous cases through six decades. This impressive three-disk MP3 OTR collection contains a total of 180 shows with hours of fascinating drama.
Disk A: 65 shows based on the canon stories written by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, adapted for radio. These shows aired from 1931-1982.

Disk B: 57 creative derivatives and original stories that take Sherlock and Watson and the listener into new realms of imagination. These shows aired from 1933-1947.

Disk C: 58 additional shows (similar to Disk B) airing from 1947-1977.

180 / 30-minute episodes from the 1930's-1980's