It’s the late 1930s and the world sits between two major Wars! However there is an even darker threat to the temporary fragile peace—a criminal mastermind known only as the Octopus (because his ‘tentacles of crime’ cover the entire globe). The International Secret Police are vehemently opposed to this evil gang and are calling on all their available agents to join in on the search for the Octopus and his operators.

Your kids are among the ISP agents enlisted. Are they ready to gather evidence and proof of the Octopus’ activities all over the world in the ultimate attempt to bring him and his gang to justice?
* Travel to Asia and the South Pacific!
* Use early forensics to examine evidence from crime scenes!
* Go undercover, get disguised, use special equipment, and travel in a variety of ways!
* Listen to coded messages on your shortwave radio receiver!
* Get ready to match wits with the Octopus!

Inside this adventure you’ll find: maps, clues, forensics lab equipment, evidence, and much more!

The PRE-PRINTED version includes everything needed (except notebooks) for the parents and FOUR kids (The included CD has the necessary files to make items for additional kids -or- individual child packs may be ordered below). A computer is needed to view (or print) the PDF instruction manual.

The CD version (NOT YET AVAILABLE) of this adventure requires a significant amount of printing on both paper and card stock. Items You May Need Or Want: 
* A paper cutter, X-Acto knife, or scissors  * Glue and a stapler  * Printer ink or toner
* Approx 20 sheets of card stock and 120 sheets of plain paper

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Pre-printed version:
* Includes standard CD
* Items for parent and
   FOUR children.

$79.95 + shipping

Pre-printed add-on:
* Items for ONE child

$9.95 + shipping