A mom's African Safari journal.  Click HERE to read a PDF file of this family's experiences. They have taken the basic concept of the African Safari adventure and added many creative ideas to better suit their needs, for a terrific result!  - Many thanks to Jenni F. and her family for sharing this with all of us!!

A fun way to kick off our adventure - "So excited~my hubby has a friend who has actually gone on safaris and has tons of stuffed exotic animals in his house... for our kick-off, we are going to "fly" there for a tour!!" - J. S.

How the G.P.S. works - The G.P.S. [which actually stands for, "Game reserve Positioning System" : ) ] is found in the document,  "R03 - Ranger Cards (printed on card stock, NORMAL mode)" on pages 3 & 4. There are four GPS units on those pages. Each GPS unit is cut in half along the vertical line, creating two pieces per GPS unit. When the ranger gets instructions like, "Campers started a grass fire at 125.0 - 6775.0. Put out the growing fire quickly!" they will need to find to which Observation Point the numbers "125.0" and "6775.0" refer. This is done by putting the two halves of the GPS next to each other and sliding one of the pieces up or down until the two numbers are side by side. The arrow will then point to the correct Observation Point.

Whole-sheet labels for the animal stickers - When printing the animal pictures for the animal stamp booklet, rather than printing them on paper and then gluing them into the booklet, try printing the pictures on whole-sheet labels instead! That way, you can cut out the animals and simply peel and stick them into the books. 

End of the adventure reward ideas - (1) One family told us they were planning to take their kids to the Kalahari Water Park and Resort in the Wisconsin Dells if they completed the adventure well. The Kalahari is an African-themed resort and will be a lot of fun! (2) Another family is planning to go to the Rainforest Cafe at the completion of the adventure. Although not directly African based, it's a great place to visit!

Turning the house into a game reserve - A mom with young kids chose various areas around the house and yard to hide some stuffed animals. Then when her kids got to a specific Observation Point in the game reserve, the kids were sent to a certain room or location in the yard and had to search for the animals. The cards for that Observation Point were placed next to or under the animals. That location became the area where the kids would always find the cards for that Observation Point.

Correction - At the bottom of page 5 of the file, "R04 - Ranger Missions (printed on card stock, DRAFT mode)", it says, "Equipment required to be a ranger:" but it should say "Equipment required to be a warden:"  Thanks for pointing out the mistake, Jenni!