Costumes - A lady had just purchased the Mystery of the Emerald Flame at a convention and we were discussing how much fun it is to role-play the suspects in the town of this adventure. She told us that she sews costumes for various events, and is planning to really get into character by dressing up for the various roles she'll be playing. We think it sounds like fun - and something her kids will never forget!!

Additional people help make the adventure more realistic - A man explained how he had made the roles of the suspects more realistic by asking his relatives to become part of the adventure too! Aunts, uncles, cousins - all were participants in this unique role-playing variation!

Non-Traditional uses for the Emerald Flame! - "I wanted to mention that it takes 21 days to make a habit (or break one). I am excited for this program to encourage good habits from my kids. I know I am going to award points for work accomplished in the basement. I was also considering eating habits, say one carrot and an apple per day. I am still thinking for other habits I want to encourage. Thank you again for this product."  Teresa S.

Questions and Answers

How do the kids decipher the street names and how do they know where to go to look for clues, etc. The map I have obviously has the addresses, etc.  Just need some clarification.  Thanks!
The Mystery of the Emerald Flame is designed to make kids think - and therefore they are not directly given the answers to many puzzles. Deciphering the street names, for example, will take them some time. Their maps show the street names in code. So, if they ask the taxi driver to take them to "Smith Street", for example, they will see on their map that they are on a street with a five-letter name. It will not take too long for them to figure out that the symbols they see on their map correspond to the letters of our alphabet. So now they know the symbols for "S", "M", "I", "T" and "H". Some symbols, they will never find, but they will find enough that they'll be able to decipher enough letters in coded messages that they'll eventually be able to guess the other symbols. Now they'll have the full coded alphabet.  Looking for other clues is similar - they'll need to reason their way through some fairly complex problems. It's fun to watch their faces when they finally figure out a puzzle on their own. It's a moment of great satisfaction!! However, all of us need help with some things from time to time so Emerald Flame has a built-in way to give the kids some clues when they truly need help. As the parent, you are the taxi driver, and will need to take them everywhere. This will give you an opportunity to give them slight nudges in the right direction when they really need it. Of course the hint might require the kids to help the poor old taxi driver's mom with a donation...   Also remember, you as the parent have the answers to the puzzles in the Field Guide, so you'll want to keep that away from your kids!