What a fun way to end the adventure!! - "I thought this might be a fun prize at the end of Legend of the Islands. It sounds pretty cool. It's from Creative Cook's Kitchen cookbooks. Thought you'd like it. :)" - Jenni

Very creative use of various buildings -
     1) "I wanted to let you know that we have done a bunch of personalizations :) There is a person or a treasure in each building. When they get to a building, the kids meet a new person via a voice recording. The botanist, for example, tells them how to hack through the forest. I just thought you might be interested in our little additions." - Debi Z.

     2)  "We used the spare houses in the town for a variety of fun things. One of the houses was a coffee shop; another a snack shop where the kids could purchase snacks for points. Another house was the town library. If one of the kids went there, we'd go to the library. Another house was the "Friend House" where, if the kids went there, they could then spend some time at a friend's house.  Also, if one of the kids went to the restaurant, they could then choose what we would have for breakfast." - April L.
We think these are not only great ideas, but if the kids want to participate in them, they must use their points to travel to the various locations.

Real life fun - Several families mentioned they would be taking their kids to places representing various areas on the islands. For example: when your kids are in the mountains, you could take them someplace to go wall climbing. While they are scuba diving, you could bring them to a water park, lake or swimming pool. Being in the forest could result in a camping or hiking outing. There are numerous possibilities!

Missing pictures in the "Items-Card Stock" (Norm) file - A few people sent us a note similar to this one... "I was printing out the different supplies and noticed an issue. When I was trying to print "Items - Card Stock.odg" in the "Files (Norm)" folder, a few of the images weren't showing: (Page 8) The bottom left-hand image which says "mine". The missing image of the mine has a text link that looks as if it is trying to locate a file in another adventure. (Page 14) The bottom row images, which I believe are supposed to be cabins, are looking for something related to 'Development Ideas'. I was able to go to the "Files (PDF)" folder and print them from there instead. Thought you would want to know..."
Great observation! We've corrected the file which will go out on the next release. As was pointed out, a work-around is to use the PDF file, which as it turns out, almost everyone does anyway. However, for those using the "norm" files or for those who will be editing the adventure with their own modifications, please be aware of this issue! - Thanks for pointing this out!

Questions and Answers

Where are the rock piles to get rocks to build the bridges to and between the islands?
They're located at P6, Q6, W30 and X30.

Can you store stuff in houses? For example if you got into the house on lake 2, could you keep your own stuff in there?
That's entirely up to you! A number of parents have very cleverly used the houses for numerous things, including storing items. Practically speaking, they'll probably not be much help for three reasons: 1) most of the houses are too close to the town to be of much use, 2) the house would be like a cabin - open property where others could take what was found there, and 3) getting stuff into and out of the house on lake 2 would be MOST impractical (considering weight limits, etc). The three cabins are the most practical locations for storing items.

How can my kids "work together"?
All the adventures have been designed to work with single child families. So, if you have multiple children, they may each work on the same adventure totally independently. However, most of the adventures have also been designed to encourage children to work together to achieve their goals more quickly or easily. For example, in Legend of the Islands, one child might begin working on a path through the woods while another goes to the stores to purchase equipment to make a trail in the mountains. He may then use the path made by the first child to bring those tools to the mountain. And while he is making a trail in the mountains, the first child might head back to the stores for other equipment, like scuba gear, etc.

In the Field Guide Day-1 example, it mentions getting partial credits for chores partially completed - shouldn't there be NO "partial credit"?
Correct!! There should be NO partial credit! The Field Guide has been revised! Thank you!!

Under "Using Tents or Cabins" it says: "If an item is found in the cabin that is not a standard part of the adventure, it may be kept by the person finding it." Could you give some examples?
Something that is NOT a standard part of the adventure would be things that YOU might want to put in the cabin like books, toys, extra points, real camping equipment, etc.

In the Field Guide on page 4 it goes from Day 2 to Day 5. Is that right or did you mean Day 3?
Day 5 is correct. The Field Guide has been clarified by inserting text between day gaps that says, "...a few days go by..."

Do you just put the bridge card on the map once someone has built a bridge there? Or is that something that you draw with marker? There are bridge cards - how do we use them?
You can draw the bridge in with a marker if you want. The card was just "proof" that a person had built a bridge, and it could be kept with their other things if they wanted.

The house in Lake 2 - why can't you scuba dive over to the island?
The Field Guide has been modified to clarify that the doors and windows on the house are locked with no other visible means of entry. So even if a person crossed to the small house, they cannot get in. The ONLY entry is the one listed in the Field Guide.

Is the little marker with boards and tent on it a person's raft? If so, when and how do we use it?
Yes, that is a person's raft. The tent indicates that, like any other tent, items may stored in it as the raft is moved. It also indicates that the owner of this raft may or may not allow others to use the raft or its tent. Once built, a raft may be used to move between any of the three docks on the three islands.

If Player-A has cut a path through the trees or mountains and has put a tent there, and Player-B decides he doesn't want to pay Player-A to go through the tent square and onto their path, can Player-B simply cut the trees around the entrance to the path and then cut over until they reach the path and then walk along it? In other words, does the person with the tent at the head of a path "own" the whole path?
Yes - the person(s) who built the path owns the WHOLE path.

About the cave card - do we paperclip items to it if someone leaves things in there?
Yes, the cave card may be used by someone who wishes to store things in the cave. That way they'll remember what items they've left in the cave for future use. However, the cave is like any other public location in that any items left in the cave may be used by others who 'find' those items.