Working too well? - "In order to encourage my daughter to read ahead in her history book, I awarded her extra points for every page she read beyond her assignment. Well, it worked too well! She earned so many points that she was able to catch me in one evening! That's good - it really motivated her, but how can I sort-of even the playing field?" - Julie D.  There are multiple ways to try to "even" the playing field. One way would be to allow the thief to always have as many moves as the guard with the most moves. Another is to allow the thief to break in through windows (not just out through them). The Field Guide has a few other ideas as well.

Using the adventure with a wide range of ages. A mom is using this adventure with a 5, 9 and 16 year old. She cleverly tailored the rewards to the ages and interests of her kids. When her 16 year old reached a certain "rank" she was allowed a coffee date with her boyfriend on a Friday night. The 5 year old, when reaching the same rank, was allowed to stay up for an extra 15 minutes per night. Each worked hard to get something they really wanted.

College age appropriate? - Although we don't recommend using these with adult kids, some families are using it successfully with their 'boomerang' children. A mom told us her 24 year old daughter moved back home after college and didn't keep her room clean. So she tried this adventure with her. The reward when her daughter reached a certain rank was $5.00 toward a tank of gas. When she reached a higher rank the amount given for gas was increased. It worked like a charm. The daughter thought the adventure was like a fun game and the mom got a clean room.