Making a curriculum from The Travel Kit-  (1) "We used the passports and tickets as a basis for a U.S. geography curriculum. Our kids spent their earned points buying bus, plane or train tickets to pretend travel to various states. They learned stuff about each state to which they traveled. It was fun - for each state, we 'traveled' to somewhere local that kind-of represented something from that State. So when we went to 'Florida', for example, we went to Underwater World at the Mall of America. The kids loved it - so they learned a lot too!" - M.G.   (2) "We are looking forward to using the travel kit as our son's summer curriculum and on our road trips we have planned to Vancouver and Chicago!!" - H.W.

A great way to begin an adventure - Many parents have been using the passport, visas and tickets found in the Travel Kit to pre-start an adventure. For example, a number of families doing the African Safari adventure have had their kids earn the necessary points to get a passport and visa to go to Africa. Then the kids had to earn the points needed to get an airplane ticket. Once they had the required items, the parents would take the kids somewhere special as if they were going to Africa. At that point they would begin the adventure.

An innovative use for bus tickets"I'm 5 years old and using your travel book. We are using the bus/van passes to keep track of miles and time on our trip!" - Brady