A mom's Winter Olympics journal!  Click HERE to read a short PDF file of this family's experiences. They have taken the basic concept of the Winter Olympics adventure and modified it to better suit their needs, for a result that is great!  - Many thanks to Jenni F. and her family for sharing this with all of us!!

We all did our adventure as a family - "Initially we planned to just have the kids do the Winter Olympics adventure, but when we chose to add ourselves to the adventure too, our kids really liked that - especially when they got the medals and we didn't!! That really motivated them for the next week! It really made the whole Olympics a lot of fun!" - A story told to us at one of the homeschool conventions.

Starting the adventure the FUN way!! - Right after the homeschool conference, I got started! It was so fun to put together. When we had them fill out their applications, they had to run really fast to put them in the mailbox (it was dark out). They then came back in and we had root beer floats to celebrate filling out the applications, and they were very excited to wait for their acceptance letters. Later that night, we secretly went out to the mailbox and retrieved their applications. Then in the morning after we returned from church there was a box at the door with materials. I think the kids knew it was still us, but yet it was more exciting because they weren't one hundred percent sure and wanted to get their acceptance letters. SO fast forward to today, the first day of the Summer Olympics and they are jumping right in, schoolwork getting done, chores getting done, and plus we are just having so much fun. No nagging! The best part really is having fun as a family!! Thanks so much for your wonderful, exciting products! I think I have finally found something that will motivate and be fun!! - Loree H.

Winter Olympics worked great at a camp - "Each cabin at the summer camp was represented by a different colored athlete. Each cabin was awarded points based on cleanliness, timeliness, teamwork, etc. Each day, the Olympic event was updated and posted on the bulletin board so everyone could see how their 'team' was doing in the Olympics. It was a fun way to encourage cooperation and teamwork!" - A story told to us at one of the homeschool conventions.

A smart use of the scorecards!  "Another thing that I did with Winter Olympics that I thought was really helpful, was to copy/paste the scoreboard and put a copy next to it in the same color with the person's initials on it. My players wanted to change colors every race and it was confusing to me as to who was what color, so I needed a point of reference. Click HERE to see the example. - J.F."
We think that's a great idea!! That would be useful in numerous settings. For example, in the CAMP note above, the cabin
names could be written in the extra scorecards making color identification very easy!

Save printing and improve the final result! - We only printed one event sheet (archery, for example) for each, so instead of reprinting each day, I drew the arrows each day. Some had some split arrows! - Loree H.
A fun family time! - Overall, it was great to have our meetings, work together, and it seemed like there was more time for fun! We also ended the week by playing Wii Archery and eating ice cream sandwiches. It was a great week!! - Loree H.

A fun way to start the Olympics - Two families told us that they began their Winter Olympics by 'traveling' to the site of the Olympics. One family went to Russia and another one went to China. Their kids earned the points to buy passports, visas and travel tickets to were they were going. The family that 'flew' to China ate at Chinese restaurant where they had previously asked the manager  to participate. When they entered the restaurant, he welcomed them to the Beijing Olympics and asked the kids if they were athletes in the Olympics. Both families said that starting their adventure this way was a lot of fun for the kids and got them excited to begin. - Stories told to us at homeschool conventions.