The office is converted into a travel agency where the girls filled in their applications to go on an African Safari.

African Safari - Submitted by M.C.

A few days later, they traveled to the airport (a nearby McDonalds that has an airport theme, complete with airplane seats). The girls were really excited.

African Safari - Submitted by Jenni.F.

Tip: The African Safari adventure was modified by the mom when she bought a puzzle of African animals and then wrote special clues on the back of it. In the locations in the game reserve where the kids could take pictures, they would also find pieces of the puzzle! The only way to solve the puzzle was to work together to find ALL the puzzle pieces. Once all the pieces were found, the kids traveled by boat down the river of the the game reserve to the general store, where they were able to cash in their clues for special prizes!
The picture on the right was drawn by the daughter. (VERY cute!)

Our kids having fun doing an adventure as teenagers.

Submitted by Rob S.

Here are some pictures of a vest I made as a reward for the African Safari adventure. We had some leftover butterfly fabric that was tough with a bit of stretch, so we thought that would make great pockets! We also thought it would be fun to add a plastic pocket to the top for a name badge. I had one left over from a tradeshow my husband went to, so I took the pin out of the back and sewed it on. So the vest has 4 front pockets, plus a name-badge pocket, PLUS a secret hidden pocket on the inside to stash points in. I made it from an extra "cell phone" pocket I got and didn't want on a new pair of pants I bought. The back is plain, but I thought it would be fun to spray-paint a giant butterfly or my daughter's name or something on the back. We haven't done that, but maybe some time in the future. :)

My daughter modeling her new vest.

African Safari - Submitted by Jenni F.

Front view with name badge.
Plenty of room in side pockets.
Secret inside pocket!

LEFT: Something that was really helpful, was to copy/paste the scoreboard and put a copy next to it in the same color with the person's initials on it.


RIGHT: We have finished Winter Olympics and it's official, our 4 year old has won! He's very excited and pulled off a big win at the end. Attached is a picture from the adventure. His sister won silver and his dad got bronze.

Winter Olympics - Submitted by Jenni F.

Our boys' first adventure. We 'flew' to New Zealand and had their faces tattooed like the Maori tribesmen. We then went to a restaurant where the host welcomed the boys to the 'New Zealand Applebees' (I called ahead and asked them if they would greet us at the door...I told them they would know who we were by the tattooed boys). We got tons of compliments on how cute the boys were. The host then delivered an envelope to our table with a note in it from Johnson. We all had a fantastic evening.

Magic Island - Submitted by Erin M.

Occasionally parents will send pictures of themselves and/or their kids "doing" one of the Moti-Ventures. If you have any you'd like to share, please submit them! We LOVE to receive these kinds of items!

The agents get their passports which will enable them to travel around the world to defeat the scientists in the Magic Island.

Magic Island
Melissa H.

I wanted to send you a quick photo of our winners of Legend of the Islands.

They got their gold nugget fudge
 and medals that say "Winner" on them.

They teamed up to beat their dad!

Thought you'd like to see it.

(Yes - we LOVE seeing it! Looks great!!)

Legend Of The Islands- Submitted by Jenni.F.