A fun reward idea!   (while supplies last)

Out of Africa and into your heart comes this set of four finger puppets; Elephant, Lion, Giraffe, and Zebra. Slip them onto your fingers to create your very own wild kingdom!


OUR PRICE: $23.00

MSRP: $25.99

LION separately:

PRICE:   $5.75

ELEPHANT separately:

PRICE:   $5.75

GIRAFFE separately:

PRICE:   $5.75

ZEBRA separately:

PRICE:   $5.75


Hedgehogs are nocturnal animals that will roll up into a ball for protection. This little ball of fun (which is also a finger puppet) has soft plush "spines" so it is ok to cuddle.

OUR PRICE: $4.50

MSRP: $4.99

OUR PRICE: $7.25

MSRP: $7.99

A beautiful spotted Owl in miniature? What a hoot! As a puppet, he perches on your finger, ready to dispense owlish wisdom. Whooo could be cuter?

OUR PRICE: $6.50

MSRP: $6.99

Look sharp with this miniature Porcupine finger puppet! Put him on your finger and you'll find he's just the guy to poke around with.


OUR PRICE: $6.75

MSRP: $7.49

These cute and furry finger puppet opossums have a long tail with velcro strips which allow them to hang upside down from your finger or any other object.


OUR PRICE: $7.25

MSRP: $7.99

As oversized insects go, this one definitely uses her power for good, not evil. Devout, humble and helpful, she'll crusade against garden pests with righteous wrath and ne'er harm a hair on your head. This Praying Mantis finger puppet comes to life when you wear her on your finger.


OUR PRICE: $8.00

MSRP: $8.99

An important figure in folklore, mythology and literature from various cultures all over the world, this finger sized Mini Raven finger puppet is a perfect representation of the iconic bird.


We found some really fun puppets that are a perfect companion to the African Safari adventure. These puppets are a great way to reward your kids for a job well done (see the Parent's section of Resources for ways parents are using these). Manufactured by Folkmanis, these fnger puppets can be used as fun rewards for kids of all ages! Many more puppets by Folkmanis may be found at www.folkmanis.com.