A robbery is being committed...but where? In the restaurant? In the bank? In the jewelry store? Where will the thief strike next? In this adventure, your kids are security guards who try to catch a thief who is on the prowl in a multi-level shopping mall using points they earn through completing chores, schoolwork and having good attitudes. As the thief travels around the mall he leaves clues about his movements. He might open a door, cross a floor, break a window or ride the elevator to another floor. Each clue will help the security guards to track him down. From time to time he even gives away his location! Skill, reason and logic are needed to follow and corner the thief. If a thief is caught, the guard's rank is increased and he or she is given a reward and increased privileges for catching the thief.

The security guards track the thief's moves on blueprints of each of the eight levels of the mall which show where all the doors, windows, safes, cash registers etc. are located.

Items You May Need Or Want: 
* Self-sticking laminating plastic; * Dry erase markers.
* (For the CD version only: - Approx 5 sheets of card stock, - Approx 12 sheets of plain paper per child, - Printer ink or toner).

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