Are you looking for a simple way to get your kids enthusiastically motivated? If so, this Summer Olympics adventure may be the answer for you!

Moti-Venture's version of the Summer Olympics is a ten week program that's lots of fun for kids of all ages and is also great for children who need to be rewarded sooner rather than later.

Using points earned through doing things like completing schoolwork, finishing chores or having good attitudes, your kids compete in ten Olympic events each lasting one week with a brief award ceremony at the end of the week. Gold, silver, and bronze medals are awarded based on points earned.

Summer Olympics was designed to be used with OpenOffice; this is not a requirement, but it makes the actual running of each event very simple. After the initial preparation, the day-to-day updates take just a few minutes to complete. OpenOffice is free; it comes on the Summer Olympics CD, or you can download it from the Internet.

For those not wanting to use the OpenOffice design, we've also included all the graphic images to help you create your own activities.

Either way you choose, your kids will have fun and you'll be amazed at how something so simple can really motivate them!

For those who wish to have extra fun with this adventure, four of the events have characters that are fully editable. Their arms and legs etc. may be easily modified to create many interesting effects - including wipeouts!

Items You May Need Or Want: 
* Approx 60 sheets of plain paper, * Printer ink or toner.

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